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         Free Website, Free hosting and Free Autoresponder for Lifetime traffic set-up

           I started this PTR System with the help of Cary Russell.  It’s a simple way to advertise all of your  programs that you  use in one place. When you promote only one URL it’s easier and you build your downline  faster.

           PTR System gives you everything that you need to get started for FREE.    You don't need to use any out  of pocket  money, only what you earn, to build up your income.  If you have money to start then upgrade at a  Safe List and a  Traffic Site first and then go from there.   Upgrade your membership to help build your  programs faster. Build a    substantial down line so you can make a great income with minimal effort. Just join  everything you don't already  belong  (in step-1).   Read the site throughly you will see how we do it.

            Join all of the programs in step-1  because this is what it takes to earn  money. You are able to add any program to PTR    System  that you already  belong to. This system is great for all your advertising and promotion needs.      

How do you get a substantial downline?                      

You need to:                      

  •   Have a  website of your own.  ( signup free at www.yola.com )
  •   Getting Traffic to that website which is usually the hard part. 
  •   PTR  System offers you the follow:
  •   A Great Downline Builder Website Free Traffic Generating System An Automated Follow up System to ensure  maximum              signups.

            All of this is 100% Free! So what are you waiting for! A completely free system that covers all aspects of Building  your Downline. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with step by step instructions on setting up your  very Own PTR System Website.   Enter your name and email into the signup box below.    You will be sent instructions via  four emails detailing the complete Setting up of your Lifetime Free PTR System Website.  So carefully go through those emails and setup your website free and enjoy traffic as and also you build your own List with listwire  ( www.listwire.com ) .   Your email address will never be given out  and you will not receive spam mail from us.

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